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This position feels really awkward at first but try it a few times and you get used to it. The second way to get up: place your back foot the binding with your legs straight then with your leading hand place it on the nose of the board with your arm extended. With your front foot you not place it the binding but you have it dragging the water parallel with the heel side edge of your board. Place 50% of the pressure on your back foot and the other 50% on your front hand and the leg that's the water be to help balance when you start this position. When the nose starts to come out of the water keep holding on to the nose of the board and slide your front foot into the binding. This is the way that I learned from Franky once I started getting good at getting up this way then I started placing both feet into bindings. STANCE Your stance: while you are Hoverboarding if you have your left foot as your Front Foot you are a regular stance. If you have your right foot as your front foot you are a Goofy stance. This is important to know we can identify different directions. CARVING Carving: if you are a regular stance rider when you carve putting pressure on your toes and you go to the right. When you put pressure on your heels it take you to the left. If you are a goofy stands putting pressure on your toes make you go to the left and pressure on your heels wiill have you going right. CREATING LIFT To create lift: Hover a straight line where the Jetski's behind you and you're heading a forward direction to create lift all you do is pull your lead foot up. To land place your lead foot down while pulling your back foot up. The more you pull your lead foot up the higher you go. I suggest going little increments to begin. When you pull up, despite a brilliant first quarter, As seen on.. CaseyNeistat,, Im still eagerly watching for the unencumber date for the 2d one of . 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